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Delivery Of Live Crawfish

Most retail stores sell "Field Run" Live Crawfish.  Field run crawfish come straight from the fisherman then weighted and placed into a cooler for a number of days before it’s re-sold. You will find bait, dead crawfish, small crawfish, snakes, snails and other items.  There is no quality control which is called "Grading and Purging", so there is no telling what you will receive, when they sacked and what’s in the sack.  It’s the cheapest crawfish you are able to purchase.   

Graded crawfish go through a sorting line and they remove all the items that can be found in "field run".

Purged crawfish are crawfish that have been kept in a clean well water jet purging system after they have been harvested from the field for 24 hours. This process allows the crawfish to clean the mud out of their gills and greatly improves the taste of the crawfish. They are ready to cook right out of the bag. You will notice the difference between "Farm Purged and Graded" compared to "Field Run". 

Most consumers think they can purge their own crawfish and save money.  But they do not have the proper equipment the farms use well water, jets, sorting table etc.

Whenever you purchase Purged/Graded Crawfish they will be more expensive.  But you will have less dead and VERY clean crawfish ready to cook right out of the sack,  so you will save money and get quality crawfish! We choose to provide our customers with the best products on the market so we only sell graded/purged crawfish! 

We buy direct from the farm's! Free delivery to your door step's in the greater Bryan/College Station Area!!!


Live Crawfish Price's:

 $3.75/lb purged Med/Lrg Mix

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The farms purging tanks. The real way to purge!


How we suggest to boil crawfish, this is for 1 sack using a double jet burner and 82Q stainless steel pot WITH OUT the basket!

There are 4 key items you must do to have great tasting crawfish

1. Jet purged crawfish,  the cleaner the crawfish the better they will taste, look at some of the pictures above, that is how you are suppose to purge crawfish!  I can not afford that equipment for a back yard boil, so I buy them purged!

2. The right equipment, keep in mind smaller pots take more seasoning, smaller burners might over cook the crawfish if it takes the water a lot of time to come back to boil.

3. BCSseafood Seasoning

4. Timing!

We use the following:

2- 3lbs Sacks of Crawtastic,1-16oz Liquid Considerate, 9 Ears of fresh corn (cut them in half), 3lbs of small red potatoes, 4 Lemons cut in half, 1 Onion cut in slices, 1 Orange cut in half, 8 Garlic Cloves ( cut 2 very fine), 1lbs of Mushrooms, 1/4 Cup of olive oil, 1 Whole chicken

Fill the pot up half way with water then bring the water to a boil.  Once it comes to a boil turn off the burner and add 1/2 sack of Crawtastic, mix it around for one minute.  Turn the burner back on once the water starts to boil again add the taters.  When the water comes back to a boil wait 10 minutes then add the corn.  Boil the corn and taters for 8 minutes, then remove them and place them into a ice chest to steam.  If you keep the ice chest shut they will stay fresh for hours. Add the other 1 and 1/4 sacks of crawtastic (you should have a 1/4 bag left) then add all of the liquid concentrate, lemons, oranges, garlic, onion and olive oil.  Bring the water back to boil then add the crawfish and mushrooms once the water comes back to a boil count down 5 minutes.  Once you reach the 5 minutes cut off the burner then add 1/4 sack of crawtastic.  Let the crawfish soak for 30 minutes with the lid on the pot every 5 minutes stir the pot around with a paddle for 10 seconds.  When the 30 minutes is up remove the crawfish and place them into a ice chest for 15 minutes to steam.  Eat a few of the crawfish during the steam time if they are not spicy enough add some more seasoning to them while they are steaming. If you have any questions please email us bcsseafood@yahoo.com























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